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Guide to the New Testament

Your Guide To The New Testament



A brief summary of each book of the New Testament along with links to read the books and “Thru The Bible’s” study notes and outlines.



Summary: Jesus the Son of God and Lord according to Old Testament promise.

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Summary: Jesus is the Savior who meets Man’s needs.

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Summary: The Son of Man in His service to the world. The world’s Savior.

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Summary: The deity and moral perfection of the Son of God.

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Summary: What Christ continued to do and to teach by His Spirit in the Apostles. How the Church was gathered and built. The Progress of the Kingdom.

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Summary: How Man can be Justified before God.

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1 Corinthians

Summary: Church order and discipline. Our relationship to each other in the Church.

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2 Corinthians

Summary: Christian ministry in different circumstances. Our relationship to the world.

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Summary: Christian blessing and liberty compared to the Law.

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Summary: Christ and His Church

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Summary: Christian joy in all circumstances.

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Summary: Christ as the Church’s Head.

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1 Thessalonians

Summary: Christ coming to and for the Church.

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2 Thessalonians

Summary: Christ coming with His Saints. The Eternal Judgment of Unbelievers.

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1 Timothy

Summary: Church order according to God.

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2 Timothy

Summary: Church disorder.

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Summary: Christian Qualification for the ministry and godly conduct.

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Summary: Christian Love.

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Summary: Christ our Priest, Sacrifice, and Witness.

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Summary: Christianity lived out.

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1 Peter

Summary: Christian hope in times of trial.

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2 Peter

Summary: Knowledge of Christ

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1 John

Summary: Believe on the name of the Son of God.

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2 John

Summary: Christ the Truth and guarding against heresy.

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3 John

Summary: Christian Hospitality to the saints

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Summary: Apostasy traced down to the Last Days.

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Summary: Things to Come.

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