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The Assurance of Salvation: Membership Has it’s Privileges

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The Assurance of Salvation:

Membership Has it’s Privileges



Can a born again Christian lose his/her salvation and go to hell?
How secure is salvation through Jesus Christ?
We tell people they need to be saved in order to miss out on hell and go to heaven but how sure is this promise of safety?
How permanent is Christian salvation?
The Bible says, “And being made perfect, he (Jesus Christ) became the author of eternal salvation,” Heb 5:9.
The Bible says salvation is eternal!
Do you know what eternal means? It means without beginning or ending.
Your salvation has no beginning and it has no ending.
Christian Salvation CANNOT end!
Time began with the creation of the world and the bible says, “…He hath chosen us in him before the foundation (creation) of the world,” Eph 1:4.
The average Christian thinks they “got saved” when they said the Sinner’s Prayer and received Jesus into their heart, but your salvation actually began long before that.
When you received Jesus, all you did was activate the experience of Christian Salvation in your life and began to enjoy the benefits, but in reality you were saved the moment God said that you were saved, which was in eternity before time began!
Let me illustrate this point for you:


The Most Exclusive Spa


Imagine a Spa, the most expensive, exclusive Spa in the whole world.
It’s got all the amenities you can think of; Sauna, Tanning Salon, Personal Masseuse, Health Food Bar, all the most modern exercise equipment you can name, this Spa has it all, however, the lifetime membership fee is one million dollars.
Fortunately I’m rich, so I buy my wife a lifelong membership to this Spa and give her the key to her own private entrance but she never goes to the Spa and uses it.
Is she a bona fide member of the Spa? Yes, her membership fee is fully paid for!


Is her name recorded in the Membership Roster? Yes, her name is written in the Book!
But has she ever experienced the Spa? No!
Has she ever enjoyed the benefits of the Spa? No!
Why not?
She never used her key to activate her membership! She never walked through the door and used the facilities.
God has purposed many people to experience salvation – They’re saved – Their membership fee has already been fully paid for – But they will never experience salvation until they use the key to activate their membership!


The Key and The Door


Faith is the key that unlocks the door to their salvation.
“The just shall live by faith,” Rom. 1:17
What’s the door? Jesus said, “I am the door: by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved…,” John 10:9
Confessing your faith in Jesus Christ is using your key to unlock the door to your salvation.
Faith is the Key – Jesus is the Door!
When someone receives salvation today they are simply using their faith/key to activate their salvation/membership but they actually became a member when their membership fee was paid.
When was their fee paid? When exactly did Jesus die to pay for your sin?
The bible says Jesus is, “…The Lamb who was killed BEFORE the world was made,” Rev. 13:8. (NLT)
There are things that happen in time, in the natural realm that are merely reflections of what has already taken place in eternity, in the spiritual realm!
The spirit realm is more real than the physical realm in which we live.


The Authority to Start and Stop


Continuing with our Spa analogy, your salvation/membership began before the world was made, before time existed, in the realm of the eternal, but you only activated your salvation/membership when you heard the good news about the benefits of salvation/membership.
However, the DECISION to start your salvation/membership WAS NOT YOURS; this was decided by SOMEONE ELSE who had the power to start it.
The ONLY PERSON who can start or stop your salvation/membership is The One who paid the membership fee!
He started it, therefore only He can stop it!
He paid the membership fee so you’re IN, if He withdraws the membership fee you’re OUT!
And He can’t do that, “For God’s gifts and his call can never be withdrawn,” Rom. 11:29 (NLT)
Salvation is a gift; therefore, the word of God prohibits God from ever taking it back.
God decided to save you BEFORE He created you!
The decision to start your salvation was not yours.
God paid for that with the precious life of His own Son, He NEVER gave you the authority to start or stop your membership; He retains full control over that.
The only control you have is how soon you start experiencing the benefits of salvation and what sort of member you’re going to become.
Are you going to become a nominal member, just having your name on the roster or one who participates fully and becomes an exemplary member, reading and studying the “Club’s Instruction Manual,” attending all the “Membership Meetings,” maybe even excelling to the point of becoming an “Instructor” yourself, mentoring younger members as they join “The Club?”
Salvation is eternal, it has no beginning in reference to time as we know it, therefore it has no ending either.
Christian salvation is eternal and cannot end – Therefore it is permanent and cannot be lost.
Jesus said, “My sheep know my voice, and I know them. They follow me, and I give them eternal life, so that they will never be lost. No one can snatch them out of my hand.
My Father gave them to me, and he is greater than all others. No one can snatch them from his hands.” John 10:27-29 (Bold Type & Italics Mine)
After you’re saved the Holy Spirit keeps you and your salvation safe from the inside, then you and your salvation are kept safe in Jesus’ hands which are kept safe in God the Father’s hands, who Jesus said IS GREATER THAN ALL… Explain to me again how you can lose your salvation?
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Being A Christian: What Does It Really Mean?

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Being A Christian:

What Does It Really Mean?


Being a Christian; what does it really mean?
True Christianity is not just what we do BUT who we are!
Becoming a Christian is having your inner nature transformed from mere human to incorporate the divinity of God.
It is having the God of the Universe, Creator of Heaven and Earth adopt you into His family and call you “His child” once more.
It’s changing your nature, your ancestry and inheritance all at once.
The regeneration of your spirit, which occurs in the born again process, changes your nature from being Adam-like to Christ-like.
God the Father’s adoption of you as His own child effectively separates you from Adam’s ancestry and consequently frees you from his curse, which is everlasting separation from God in hell.
Because your ancestry has been changed from Adam to Christ who is the Seed of Abraham, your inheritance is also changed from Adam’s curse to Abraham’s blessing!
So, you now have a new nature, new identity, a new destiny and a new inheritance in Christ Jesus.
This is not religious talk.
These changes affect your everyday “normal” life if you understand their significance and learn to apply them.
Your Christianity is not just an aspect of who you are – It is who you are!
Being a Christian is more basic than being a Democrat or a Republican because by definition your first allegiance is to the Government of God and to the Constitution upon which that Government is built – Which is The Bible, The Word of God.
Being a Christian is more basic than being a Husband, Father, Wife or Mother; more basic than being a Son, a Daughter or a Student.
After you repented and had your nature changed by God, your Christian world-view should now provide your frame of reference for each of these offices mentioned above and should inform your every decision and action.
Being a Christian is more basic than being a man or a woman; “There is neither… male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” (Gal 3:28) In other words there is neither room for radical feminism nor male chauvinism in the kingdom of God.
“Male and female created he them; and blessed them, and called their name Adam, in the day when they were created.” (Gen 5:2) God made male and female different but equal!


New Citizenship


Being a Christian; what does that really mean?
Being a Christian transcends nationality, ethnicity and race. “There is neither Jew nor Greek… for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” (Gal 3:28)
It’s more basic than being Jamaican, Jewish or Japanese.
You are now a Citizen of the Kingdom of God. A kingdom is both a geographic realm and a type of government or political system. You’re a citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven before all other citizenships here on earth.
This is why the Roman Hierarchy wanted to eliminate Jesus; He threatened their power-base by exposing the people to another Political Ruler with a different political agenda – He taught them about God and God’s Government!
And He specifically taught the people to bear first allegiance to this new King and His new Kingdom – He said, “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God…”
This was and still is a very politically charged statement!


New Allegiance


What does it really mean to be a Christian?
Being a Christian is more fundamental than being an American.
Your first allegiance is to God, to His Laws, His Constitution, His Culture and His Authority over your life.
This is what being a Christian is all about.
Being a Christian is not a religious function; it’s not performing certain rituals at certain times of the day or week or month or year.
It is about a living, current relationship with the One who created it all! The God of all that we see and know. He wants us to come back to Him in the intimate relationship of Father and Child.
Being a Christian is not some outdated concept for only those over 50 years old or for those in dire need of some spiritual crutch to hold on to.
Being a Christian is as much a 21st century concept as it was a 1st century concept.
This is true because of the incessant need of the human heart for belonging and of man’s search for meaning, for order and structure in the universe.
We run to and fro seeking out new and exotic explanations for the complexities and intricacies of life, while denying the simple truth that stares us right in the face.
God loves you and wants to have a real, loving relationship with you through His Son Jesus Christ.
All you need to do is to repent; change your mind so He can transform your spirit and your inner nature to resemble His.
This will be the beginning of the most incredible journey you have ever taken in your life and the really good part is… It lasts forever!
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What is Christianity?

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What is Christianity?


What is Christianity?

What does being a Christian mean?
I’ve observed Christians for over 20 years from the inside out.
I was born again on August 11TH 1988 at about 4:30PM on a Thursday evening. I started preaching 3 years
later and became a full-time Pastor and Bible Teacher in 1997, after 9 years of walking with the Lord.
Here’s what I’ve noticed, we live in an instant society with a Drive-thru mentality and this mind-set is in
the Christian Church.
Sunday morning we pull in and park ourselves in the pews hoping to receive something that will change
our lives and give us control over the circumstances we face daily.

But the average Christian isn’t seriously looking for change!


He doesn’t want anything that would call for too much sacrifice and effort on his part, just something to put some more money in his pocket and make his life a little easier.
We are surely turning into the Laodicean Church of the Book of Revelation. Something is dreadfully wrong with our mindset and we need to fix it urgently.
The average Christian has a “Christian life” and a “normal life” which they try their best to keep separate from each other.
Some of us wear our Christianity only when it suits us and take it off when it doesn’t. And the sad thing is; this seems normal to most… The average Christian thinks that’s the way it should be.
The truth is; that for the true born again Believer there is no duality of experience. We are who we are, representatives of the Kingdom of God, everywhere we go and in everything we do.
For any real change to take place in our lives there must be a change in our philosophy of life, how we perceive the world around us.

What is Christianity?

Both Jesus Christ and His cousin, John the Baptist began their ministry by saying exactly the same thing.

Repent! For the Kingdom of God is at Hand.

That is not a religious statement! Neither John nor Jesus was religious.


That’s a statement of deep, political, psychological and spiritual significance that when we understand and apply it, it will result in profound practical change in our lives.
The change we all need and are looking for desperately. The change that will bring financial; and every other kind of empowerment we desire.
Think about it, referring to Jesus Christ the Bible says, “…The government will be upon His shoulder… Of the increase of His government… there will be no end,” (Isa 9:6)
If that’s not a political statement then what is?

So, “Repent! For the kingdom of God is at hand” is a political statement because the kingdom refers to God’s governmental rule on earth.
The statement is psychological in nature because to “repent” as Jesus and John used it means to change your world-view, to change your philosophy of life and your perception of the world around you.
To repent is to see something in a way you’ve never seen it before and to allow this new perception to become the catalyst for profound change in your life.
Jesus and John were telling the Jews of their day that a new political system had arrived and they needed to respond favorably to it.
They were trying to explain to the people that all the promises God made to the Nation of Israel in the word of God were about to be fulfilled and they needed to prepare themselves for it.

True repentance is the shifting of a paradigm which occurs at the sub-conscious level and results in a conscious decision, followed by corresponding actions. So, “repenting” is psychological in nature.

Finally, this is a spiritual statement because it’s initiated by God who is a Spirit and because obedience to this statement will permanently transform your spiritual condition.
All that I’ve shared here is only the tip of the iceberg of the principles that govern God’s kingdom and of what being a Christian truly is.
The sad thing is that the average Christian has no idea of who she really is. She has a faulty concept of her true identity and destiny as a Child of God and Daughter of the King. She doesn’t understand the principles that govern her own kingdom!
She’s a Citizen of a Nation who doesn’t understand her own constitution, which is enshrined in the pages of the Bible.
The average Christian has no idea of his rights, duties and privileges as a citizen of the Kingdom of God.
The beginning of successful Christian living is first to understand how to apply the fundamental principles that govern the kingdom to which you belong.
That’s why the Bible says, Study to show yourselves approved, so that you won’t be ashamed.
Bible Study is an integral part of discovering who you are in the Kingdom of God.
Victorious and successful Christian living must begin with accurate knowledge and deep understanding of the principles of the kingdom of God as outlined in the Bible, the Word of God.
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The Missionary’s Position

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The Missionary’s Position



Brenda spilled the coffee on the brand new tablecloth in the kitchen. She couldn’t believe what she was reading!


“Oh my God! How could this happen?” She called out to her husband who was just descending the stairs.


“How could what happen?” Jason quizzed her.


“Do you remember that guy we met at the convention last month? His name was…”


“Marty somebody,” Jason finished her sentence, “yeah I remember him, he was kinda hard to forget. With all that in-your-face proselytizing about becoming Missionaries and spreading the word of God to the world and all that kingdom stuff! What about him?”


“He’s dead!” Brenda’s voice cracking a little under the weight of emotion.


“What??!! How…? Whe…?”


“It says here,” Brenda interrupted him, “that on the night of October 22nd Martin Cyzinsky was robbed and shot to death by person or persons unknown. The police are theorizing that he stopped to give someone a lift and was carjacked.”


Brenda put down the paper and stared at her husband in awkward silence as he quietly sat facing her.


His face betrayed the guilt he felt inside, the same guilt he saw reflected in his wife’s eyes.


They had ridiculed Marty that night as he attempted sharing on the importance of representing Christ and spreading the “true gospel,” as he put it.


They rationalized that he was simply naïve to think that one person could make any measurable difference in the world!


What, with all the famine and war and diseases running rampant globally it made more sense to secure your own position first, instead of running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off trying to right every wrong in the world, after all, “Charity begins at home,” Jason remembered saying to him!


“But it ends abroad,” Marty had countered. “The average Christian,” he continued, “gets all he can and ‘cans’ all he gets, it’s only about me, myself and I, his charity doesn’t end abroad it ends right where it started… At HIS home!”


“I don’t want to start preaching (“Too late,” Jason thought) but the great commission says GO into all the world and make disciples of men, if we…!”


“My point is this,” Brenda cut him short, “how can we leave our own homes undone and try to tell other people how to run theirs? What right do we have to tell other people to leave their religion and join ours when…?”


“That’s your problem right there,” Marty returned, his voice rising in pitch and volume, “you’re trying to convert people to a religion when that was NEVER God’s intention!”


Jason and Brenda stared at him quizzically.


“If the average Christian couple is in debt and their marriage is limping along how can they go tell Hakeem who owns a successful business and is happily married to stop serving Allah and come serve Jesus?”


“So he can have what THEY have?!”


“Adam never lost a religion, he lost a kingdom!” Marty asserted. “That’s why your religion doesn’t work for you! Jesus never preached a religion, He preached about A KINGDOM!”


“REPENT! FOR THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS AT HAND!” He declared evangelistically!


The conversation had started getting a little too uncomfortable for Brenda and Jason so they’d made excuses and left Marty still trying to convince them they were hearing and sharing the wrong message.


“Naïve and deluded,” Jason labeled him after departing his presence.


“Zealous and dangerous,” Brenda added.


But now he was dead.


And strangely, it seemed that in his death his message took on new life!


So, as they sat across from each other reflecting on that meeting with the Missionary, Brenda couldn’t help but wonder after his words, “Not a religion BUT a kingdom! The message of ‘The Kingdom’ is what the world needs,” He had pleaded with them!


“And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come,” He had quoted Jesus’ words from Matt. 24:14.


Now, with the darkening coffee stain as a reminder of the mess their life was in, Jason and Brenda found themselves seriously considering the Missionary’s position on the quality of the message they had been fed and why they were reluctant to share it with others.


It’s not about a religion that doesn’t work, it never was… It’s all about a kingdom lost and found!