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The Top 3 Movies That Have Impacted My Life

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The Top 3 Movies That Have Impacted My Life



Movies speak to me very deeply; in a way my wife doesn’t really understand.


When I’m watching a movie I’m not just using my eyes and ears, all of me is involved in the total experience the movie is offering.


I temporarily live in that world with the characters and I’m open to learning whatever I can from the story being told.


My first movie is, “Braveheart” starring, Mel Gibson.


braveheartIt’s a rare thing to find someone who so completely believes in his cause that he’s willing to die for it.


Many of us talk a big talk about what we believe but are we willing to literally die for that cause we’re so passionately defending?


Apparently William Wallace did!


One particular scene that touched me deeply was when Wallace told Robert The Bruce he would follow him if he took up the mantle of leadership and led the people the right way.


The Bruce looked at at Wallace with a completely new revelation.


This, more than anything else revealed Wallace’s heart and motives, clearly showing that he was more interested in serving the people than being served.


This is the unmistakable mark of a true leader, to serve others unconditionally without desire for reward or personal gain, the very thing I’ve been struggling with in my own life and ministry for many years.


Cultivating the heart of a true servant leader.


Wallace clearly defined this attribute and inspired me to pursue it more diligently.




Next is, “Fifty First Dates” starring, Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore.


50firstdatesEven though the opening scene is a bit raunchy this movie had an all round positive impact on me.


Sandler’s character willingly choose to put himself in a marriage where he would literally HAVE to win his wife’s love all over again EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THEIR LIFE FOR AS LONG AS THEY LIVED!


Every morning this woman would remember nothing about him… Nothing!


Everyday he’d wake up a total stranger to her and would have to live that day so she’d fall in love with him all over again.


The power of this concept is unsurpassed!


This spoke loudly to me because it’s what we all, as husbands, are supposed to be doing anyway… Winning our wife’s love every day!


Instead, we fall into a rut and find it so easy to take each other for granted.


I believe if we all worked as hard on improving our marriages as we do on improving our careers we would each enjoy married bliss!


Instead we’ve bought into the lie that all we need is love.


A successful marriage takes hard work and Sandler’s character epitomizes what the ideal husband’s attitude should be.


The third movie that simply blew my mind is, “March of the Penguins!”




What an awesome display of unadulterated fatherhood!


The Mom’s role wasn’t too shabby either but being a male myself the father’s role is what really got me.


I see this movie as an unmistakable beacon of hope, if our animal cousins operating solely on instinct can demonstrate such self-sacrifice in protecting and nurturing their young, can we who boast a superior intellect do any less?


This movie establishes an ideal for fathers of the human variety to strive for. It clearly defines a father’s position and what sacrifices he should be willing to make for his children.


So, there you have it, the top three movies that have impacted me deeply.


This is the reason when I’m settled down to watching a good movie it’s almost like I’m in church.


There’s an invisible “Do Not Disturb” sign hung around my neck because even though I want to be entertained I’m also trying to learn as much as I can on becoming a better husband, father and leader.


Author’s Note: Last paragraph included just in case my wife’s reading this (smile).
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Interview With The Carpenter

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Interview With The Carpenter




I awoke at 3:20 AM and began writing!


The dream was so real that at first I had to convince myself my waking state was the reality.


I dreamt I was interviewing Joseph, Jesus’ foster father in heaven.


The interview went like this:


His face was bronzed and character lined, his brown eyes reflected a deep wisdom that drew you in and set you at ease so that you relaxed in his presence without thinking about it.


The room was stark white and empty except for two chairs. We sat facing each other comfortably as the interview began.


Me: So, Joseph, tell me what prompted you to grant this interview.


Joseph: I was asked to.


Me: That’s it! That’s the only reason? You were asked?


Joseph: It’s like this, in all that we’ve been through, my wife, my family and I, no one ever seemed interested in my side of the story.


Even when Luke came to the house he was more curious about what Mary had to say, so I allowed her to speak.


Apart from asking me to describe the details of my dreams he didn’t seem to need much input from me.


Me: So, what is your side of the story.


Joseph: That depends. What exactly do you want to know?


Me: Well, for instance, what would you share with our readers about being a good parent.


Joseph: There are several significant lessons I learnt about being a parent, for instance; it’s very difficult to teach your children to become something that you’re not.


What I mean is, you can preach from dusk till dawn about truth and righteousness but if your children don’t see you practice these things at home then your preaching is void.


Me: Can you elaborate on this?


Joseph: Sure! Do you know why your children disobey you?


Because there are things about you and your life that they reject, they see stuff in you that they don’t like and don’t agree with.


And they don’t want to become like you so they reject your authority to tell them what to do for fear that if they follow you and your instructions they’ll turn out just like you.


Me: Wow! I’ve never heard anyone put it quite like that before. So, how do we constructively handle this problem.


Joseph: Excellent question, here’s the recipe for raising obedient kids.


You must become attractive to them as people!


You do this by modeling the virtues you want them to have. And when they see these attractive qualities in you then they’ll want to be like you and have what you have.


So now, they’ll want to follow your lead and obey your instructions.


You see, whenever a leader cannot inspire his followers to obey, then he must manipulate them. And a parent is nothing more than a leader of his/her children.


So, we find that manipulation becomes the technique of the average parent. Do as I say or else!


If your child dares to ask why, your practiced response is, “Because I’m your father/mother and I said so!


This is not inspiration – This is manipulation!


From the time that child is old enough or FEELS old enough they will begin to challenge your authority. First covertly, then openly, finally, if not checked, they’ll move on to total rebellion.


Is this making any sense to you, so far?


Me: Oh yes! Your words are pregnant with truth, Joseph. As a matter of fact I remember living through such experiences with my own parents. Please do continue.


Joseph: Here’s the key: First, you need to spend time with your children. Loving is giving and the most valuable resource you have is your time.


When you invest time with your kids you’re confirming your unconditional love for them and they will come to know and trust your love.


Next, you build on this trust by fostering open dialog with them about discipline and punishment, eg. “You may NOT have this right now because this is not the time and place for you to have it.”


“But why can’t I have it, Daddy?”


“Because I love you and this will only hurt you if I allow you to have it and Daddy loves you too much to allow you to hurt yourself. OK, so you can’t have it right away.”


“As they grow older they will come to understand that there is always a reason for denial of something they desired and the reason is always love.”


‘The reason is always love.’


I woke up from the dream with those words echoing in my head as I began to write.



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Abortion: Is it Really the Best Choice?

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Abortion: Is it Really the Best Choice?


Mother and daughter at the sea


Have you ever wondered what the door was?


Satan tried to rule the earth without a physical body and Jesus called him a robber and a thief! John 10:1


But in referring to Himself, Jesus said, “… He that entereth in by the door is the shepherd of the sheep,” John 10:2


So, have you ever wondered what that door was?


In the natural sense a door is the legal means of entry into a restricted area.


The earth is a restricted area; it was created by God and is still owned by Him. It’s His private property! So if one wants to come from the spirit realm and enter in and operate legally in the earth realm, he needs to have legal access! He needs to go through the door!


The door to the earth (legal access) is being born of a woman and possessing a physical body!


puzzle in business hand

Anyone who tries to operate on earth without a physical body is trespassing and guilty of sinning against God! Jesus said, “…Sacrifice and offering thou wouldest not, but a body hast thou prepared me,” Heb 10:5


Jesus accessed the earth and the people of the earth (the sheepfold and the sheep) legally, by being born of a woman… Satan did not!


Jesus is the authorized shepherd of the sheep… Satan is not!!!


Why is the chief end of a demon always to possess a human body? Because they are spirits without bodies and they need to possess a body in order to operate more effectively in the earth!


Still illegally… but more effectively!


When a demon inhabits a person’s body he has limited authority through that person because he’s now operating through a physical body, but a man or woman of God who comes in the name (authority) of Jesus Christ ALWAYS has superior authority over any demon!


Your physical body is the symbol of your authority in the earth! Not your spirit, not your soul… your body!
That’s why as a rule, when your body dies, you cease to affect the earth! You still have your spirit and soul, why can’t you still continue to affect life? Because you have no authority to affect the earth without a body!


You have no authority to affect life from death!


The incident involving the prophet Samuel, King Saul and the witch of Endor is one notable exception to this rule! Another exception is when Moses and Elijah counseled Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration! But that’s why you do have authority over demons, they are spirits without physical bodies, therefore they have no authority in the earth!


Because you were born of a woman you can command them! They cannot command you! The only reason demons can control some humans is because they are deceived into giving up their authority to these demons and allowing them access to manipulate their will!


The fundamental reason why Jesus’ name has authority in the earth is because… he came in the flesh!!! If He had stayed in heaven, none of the authority we have in His name would be possible! In the bible, God was only able to promise change until He got Himself a body!


Promises like, “Behold, a virgin shall conceive…!” “For unto you a child is born…!” “The seed of the woman shall…!”


From Genesis to Malachi God was promising change, but the only time we actually saw change is when He finally got a physical body and came to earth!
Why do you think every time God was about to perform some major move in the earth, Satan was always trying to kill the babies? He tried to kill both Moses and Jesus, the mediators of the old and new covenants, respectively, through legalized infanticide!


It’s because God can only change things in the earth through someone who has a physical body! That’s why man’s primary command from God in the beginning was to be fruitful and multiply!


The more people born, the more vessels He could work through to demonstrate His authority and bring to pass His purpose!


This is why barrenness is described as a curse and fruitfulness is a blessing in the bible!


A woman was designed to bring forth children who would become instruments of change in the earth, so if she is barren, then she’s no longer a channel through which God can bring instruments of change! No child can be born of her… no instrument of change can come to earth!


In our present age there are so many homeless, parentless children I believe God may allow some couples not to produce their own children just so they could rescue some child or children who have no parents of their own.


If you’re not able to produce children maybe, just maybe, God is speaking to you about adoption. Why not rescue a child who needs you and the love you have to give?


This doctrine of the authority of the physical body in the earth also directly affects the issue of abortion and shows why it’s wrong!
God’s modus operandi for enhancing life on earth is to inspire human beings to excellence so abortion limits God’s ability to expedite His will in the earth!


He said, “If you humble yourselves and pray I will… If you bind on earth I will…”


God needs someone with a physical body who is born of a woman to be the instrument that He works through to effect change in our lives!


“I looked for someone to defend the city and to protect it from my anger, as well as to stop me from destroying it. But I found no one. So in my fierce anger, I will punish the Israelites for what they have done, and they will know that I am furious. I, the Lord, have spoken,” Eze 22:30-31 (CEV)


This is why He commands us to pray. We authorize and legalize His interventions in our lives through prayer. When we speak… we release Him to act!


With millions of unborn children slaughtered daily, we are short-circuiting the very blessings God has planned for us as a race.


How many inspired world-leaders, great inventors, gifted artists and talented scientists are being ripped out of their mother’s wombs and murdered on a table in the name of convenience?


And still, we have the audacity to ask God, why is this world in such a mess? I’ll tell you why!


Because, by a process of institutionalized infanticide, we are eliminating the very people God has been sending to earth to bless us and enhance the quality of our lives!


Mass abortion retards the development of our global society and short-circuits our collective potential!
Every human being is a catalyst for someone else’s genius.


Part of your purpose is to bring out the best in someone else! Someone you may never know or meet!


The philosophical works of Plato and Aristotle were built upon the foundational principles laid by Socrates.


In the 1960’s, Dr. Martin Luther King’s non-violent revolution, which changed the face of America forever, was greatly influenced by the Indian revolution led by Mahatma Ghandi in the 1940’s.


In the 17th century Galileo’s understanding of the universe, based on his extensive research in Physics and Astronomy, was seeded by Copernicus’ work published 100 years earlier in De Revolutionibus. And even this great publication was influenced by the propositions and discussions of Archimedes and Aristarchus in the third century BC.


Today, our brightest scientific minds in contemporary medicine still reference Louis Pasteur’s phenomenal discovery, “the germ theory of disease” made almost two centuries ago.


Now, imagine living in a world without all these men and their discoveries! What if all these children had been victims of abortion?




Every one of these men was once a mass of cells in some woman’s uterus! What if she had decided to abort?


What if Susanna Fontanarossa had decided she was too young or too poor to have another child and had an abortion? Then, Christopher Columbus would not have re-discovered the most powerful nation on earth! What kind of world would we be living in today without America as we know it?


Whom are you carrying in your womb?




You have been chosen to bare a special gift to humanity. To snuff out that life is a crime against the human race and a sin against God!


The psychological and emotional scars stay with you for a very long time and the memories… forever! It’s something you can NEVER undo!


Someone once said, “Abortion doesn’t make you unpregnant… It makes you the parent of a dead child.”


Please consider life for your child.


Gianna Jessen, Abortion Survivor Speaks at Queen’s Hall Parliament House in Victoria, Australia on the eve of the debate to decriminalize abortion in Victoria.

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Re-Think Homosexuality

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Re-Think Homosexuality



Re-Thinking Homosexuality in Light of God’s Original Intent For Humanity.


God made human beings in His image and He made them male and female therefore anything other than male and female is not made in the image of God and is a perversion of nature.


God’s original mandate to the human race was to be fruitful and multiply so that His image would be reproduced throughout the universe.


The homosexual philosophy and lifestyle directly contradicts God’s primary purpose for humanity… and therefore wrong.

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Re-Think Abortion

Children are the heritage of the Lord. Psalms 127:3

That means our children don’t belong to us but are really God’s possession and we are allowed to raise them for Him and we’ll be rewarded at the end of time for the quality of work we did in raising them.