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Compassion International Child Sponsorship

Releasing Children From Poverty

Poverty Facts

Learn the facts about poverty and how it affects children in need and their families.

    * Children under age 18 make up nearly 48 percent of the population of the world’s least developed countries, compared with 21 percent of the population of the world’s industrialized nations.

* More than 1.6 billion people lack access to electricity and modern forms of energy.
* Over 1.4 billion people in the developing world live below the poverty line (U.S.$1.25 per day).

* Every day 1,500 women die from complications in pregnancy or childbirth that could have been prevented. Each day 10,000 newborns die within a month of birth, and daily the same number of babies are also born dead.

* Annual world economy breaks down like this:
Low Income, $935 or less: 37%
Lower Middle Income, $936 to $3,705: 38%
Upper Middle Income, $3,706 to $11,455: 9%
High Income, $11,456 or more: 16%

* In developing countries, approximately 130 million children and teens — age 17 or under — have lost one or both parents.

* Nearly 9 million children under age 5 die each year. Two-thirds of these deaths — more than 6 million every year — are preventable.

* Approximately one-third of the world’s poor people live in India


Child Abuse Facts

Get the facts about child abuse and exploited children.

    * An estimated 300 million children worldwide are subjected to violence, exploitation and abuse, including the worst forms of child labor in communities, schools and institutions.

* An estimated 1.2 million children are trafficked worldwide every year.

* Children living in areas of extreme economic hardship and social disruption are at increased risk for abuse, violence, and exploitation.

* About 1.5 billion children live in the 42 countries affected by violent conflict between 2002 and 2006. Of 14.2 million refuges worldwide, 41 percent may be children under the age of 18.

* Worldwide, an estimated 40 million children under the age of 15 suffer from violence, abuse and neglect.

* An estimated 1.2 million children — both boys and girls — are trafficked each year into exploitative work, including mining, factories, armed conflict or commercial sex work.


Hunger Facts

Get the facts about hunger and how it affects children and their families.

    * One person in seven battles hunger every day.

* Approximately 963 million people across the world are hungry.

* More than 9 million children under age 5 die every year, and malnutrition accounts for more than one-third of these deaths. Most of these children live in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia.

* About 5.6 million deaths of children worldwide are related to under-nutrition. This accounts for 53 percent of the total deaths for children under 5.

* More than 140 million or 25 percent of all children in developing countries are underweight and at risk from the long-term effects of malnourishment.

* Nearly 15 percent of babies in developing countries are born with a low birth weight compared with only 7 percent of babies in industrialized countries.

* More than 6 million children die from malnutrition each year.

* Worldwide, 161 million preschool children suffer from chronic malnutrition.

* Already 923 million people worldwide are undernourished, and there are more than 9 million deaths related to hunger each year.


Health Facts

Get the facts about the health challenges that impoverished children and their families are facing.

• Malaria kills approximately 1 million children per year, many of them under age 5 and most of them in sub-Saharan Africa.

• In developing countries, one in every six infants is not immunized against tuberculosis.

• While the number of deaths due to measles fell dramatically between 2000 and 2007, one in every four children in developing countries is not immunized against measles.

• Only 55 percent of the world’s infants are fully immunized against hepatitis B.

• Only 69 percent of newborns are protected against tetanus.

• Malaria, together with HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis, is one of the major public health challenges undermining development in the poorest countries in the world.

• There are 1.8 million diarrheal-related deaths per year among young children.

• Children under age 5 account for less than 10 percent of the world’s population, but suffer from 40 percent of the diseases attributed to environmental factors.

• Acute respiratory infections annually kill an estimated 2 million children under the age of 5.

• About 1.8 million people, most of whom are children, die annually of food-borne diseases.

• Approximately 37 percent of deaths among children under 5 — 9.7 million worldwide in 2006 — occur in the first month of life.

Sources: http://www.malarianomore,,,, http://www.un.or

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Everest John Alexander - Bible Teacher & AuthorThis is Everest John Alexander encouraging you to sponsor a child today.

The facts show that children all over the world need your help to rescue them from a life of poverty, sickness and abuse.

I am sponsoring a child name, Caroline from Colombia.

With God’s help, I’m giving Caroline the chance to go to school and get an education, to live every day knowing exactly where her next meal is coming from and most importantly, the chance to know who Jesus is and to enter a personal relationship with him.

Please join me in rescuing some other child from poverty .

Thanks for doing it today!

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The Best Ways to Mess-up an Altar Call

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The Best Ways to Mess-up an Altar Call

A few keys for those who don’t want people saved at their altar calls




1) Present an unbalanced message. Only let them see the heart-warming part of God’s character. Preach God’s love but leave out His holiness and justice. That way they’ll think He’ll let them into heaven no matter what.


2) Don’t mention repentance until they’re repeating a “sinner’s prayer.” Just get them to say, “I repent of all my sins” while they’re echoing you. They won’t know what they’re saying and they won’t count the cost.


3) Above all else, be dignified. Don’t get heart to heart with the people. They would get something out of what you said.


4) Skim over the gospel and push the prayer. Pretend the lost naturally understand what Christ has done for them.


5) Preach Jesus as a life enhancer not a life rescuer. Tell them how Jesus can improve their life but don’t show them Jesus as the only One who can save them from Hell. People will think if they reject Him they’re only losing out on a spiritual high.


6) Try to please the people instead of convert them. Tell them what they want to hear instead of what they need to hear.


7) Compromise the message to speed up the process. The Christians who have heard it a hundred times before will be pleased with that. The quicker they get out the quicker they can get to the restaurant.


8) Give them the impression that God is so good He won’t send anyone to hell. Don’t present the whole counsel of God or they might realize He is so good that He’ll see to it that justice is served and that all unrepentant sinners will be punished in the fire that is not quenched.


9) Speak to sinners as though they were saints. They’ll think they’re God’s children instead of the enemies of God they’ve made themselves into because of their sin. You’ll give them false assurance and mislead them.


10) Don’t mention sin or man’s guilt. Resist the urge to explain what Christ came to deliver us from. Don’t show them their need for the Savior. Otherwise it may all make sense.


11) Don’t look to the Bible for the substance of your altar call. Only mimic other preachers with large congregations.


12) Tell the lost not to feel bad about their sins. That way you will work against the Holy Spirit who’s convicting them


13) Whatever you do, never mention Judgment Day. Your audience might take spiritual matters seriously.


14) Tell them Jesus is the only way to heaven but don’t explain why. They may think it’s nothing more than fear tactics and leave offended instead of enlightened.


15) Confuse the call. This is a great way to botch up an altar call. Don’t let people know you’re asking them to commit their life to Christ. Be vague and general in what you’re saying.


Neglect to mention following Christ in your evangelistic altar calls and say things like, “If you don’t feel you’re as close to God as possible raise your hand,” “If you feel lonely come to the front for prayer,”


“If you want more of God this is your time,” and, “If you have struggles and need the answer come down.” Just get them to raise a hand.


That way no one will be able to count the cost and you’ll even get saints to respond to salvation altar calls, making the results look more successful.


16) Only give them half the story. Tell them Jesus died to forgive everyone but overlook the fact that they must personally receive Him to partake of that forgiveness.


17) Present the truth as though it isn’t. Be so funny when you share Christ that you belittle the seriousness of the matter.


18) Preach forgiveness without repentance. That way no one will know how to be forgiven.


19) Be unbiblical. Present repentance and faith as an offer instead of how God does as a command (Acts 17:30).


20) Let them think next Sunday is the day of salvation. Don’t make them feel it’s urgent to respond today.


21) Never warn of hell. Dangle heaven in front of their nose but rarely mention hell, certainly not as much as Jesus did.


22) Only do altar calls inside the church. Never take the gospel where sinners congregate. The lost might get saved.


23) Use churchy terms. Use words like, “saved,” “repent,” and “born again,” without any explanation. That way your hearers won’t comprehend what you’re saying. If they can’t understand it, it’s probable they won’t be changed by it.


24) Give false assurance of salvation to unsaved Christians. Assure church folk that they are saved even if they bear no fruit. So that you don’t offend the unsaved pew warmers never quote 2 Corinthians 13:5: “Examine yourselves as to whether you are in the faith.” You could lose some financial supporters and have to depend on God.


25) Never mention the wrath of God. If you mention it, people might be awakened to flee to Jesus who “saves us from the wrath to come.” ( 1 Thess. 1:10)


26) Study how the apostles preached and witnessed and do the opposite. Don’t explain Jesus’ suffering death on the cross. Otherwise they may think of running to Him for forgiveness.


Don’t speak of His burial or resurrection or they might realize He is God. Refrain from commenting about the hundreds of eyewitnesses who saw Jesus after He rose from the dead. That way they can go on thinking He’s a fairy tale.


Overlook talk of the messianic prophecies Jesus fulfilled or they might realize that the Bible is true. If they see it’s the truth they may see that following Christ is the logical decision.


And whatever you do, avoid what the apostles did when it came time to call people to obey the gospel. Don’t tell them to trust Christ and live for Him. That is too accurate. If they know how to get saved your altar call will be a success.


27) Put more emphasis on the “sinner’s prayer” then on repentance and faith. Satan will smile over your departure from Biblical instruction. We are never taught to use a ‘sinner’s prayer’ throughout the entire Bible. If you decide to use it and put more emphasis on the technique than on what we’re commanded to preach: faith and repentance you’ll certainly botch things up. A ‘sinner’s prayer’ doesn’t equal salvation, only faith in Christ and repentance toward God do.


28) Let Christians think you’re the only one who can do it right. Always leave the impression that they should only invite friends to church and never actually witness themselves. It will keep you in business and the lost unsaved.


29) Don’t let the lost know they are. Disregard subjects like Judgment Day, God’s holiness, man’s sinfulness and justice. That way the lost can continue to think they’re “good enough” to get into heaven.


30) Rely upon psychological techniques to manipulate people into responding to the altar call. Don’t rely upon the Holy Spirit or they may actually get saved.


31) Make sure you’re the main attraction. Remember the goal in botching up an altar call is for people to leave and say, “What a wonderful preacher,” instead of, “What a wonderful Savior.”


Draw all possible attention to how great a speaker and person you are. Otherwise people might see Christ in your preaching and get saved.
32) Don’t focus upon Jesus. Finally, the best way to botch up an altar call is not to preach the gospel. Just get people to lift up a hand and pray a prayer with you. Resist the urge to speak of the only One who could save them.




NOTE: Sometimes the best way to get a point across is to put it in a different light. You now know a few ways to botch up an altar call.


Please do not employ them. Do the opposite.


You may already do some of them. Don’t let pride keep you from changing and doing things in a Biblical fashion.


The bottom line is how true we are to Christ and His word. Effectively reaching the lost is our purpose. Let nothing hold you back from that agenda.


May God bless you as you seek to win people to Christ in Bible clubs, churches, conferences, on the street witnessing encounters, at your school, and at your workplace.


Adapted from “Becoming an Emissary for God” by Allen Atzbi

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The Missionary’s Position

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The Missionary’s Position



Brenda spilled the coffee on the brand new tablecloth in the kitchen. She couldn’t believe what she was reading!


“Oh my God! How could this happen?” She called out to her husband who was just descending the stairs.


“How could what happen?” Jason quizzed her.


“Do you remember that guy we met at the convention last month? His name was…”


“Marty somebody,” Jason finished her sentence, “yeah I remember him, he was kinda hard to forget. With all that in-your-face proselytizing about becoming Missionaries and spreading the word of God to the world and all that kingdom stuff! What about him?”


“He’s dead!” Brenda’s voice cracking a little under the weight of emotion.


“What??!! How…? Whe…?”


“It says here,” Brenda interrupted him, “that on the night of October 22nd Martin Cyzinsky was robbed and shot to death by person or persons unknown. The police are theorizing that he stopped to give someone a lift and was carjacked.”


Brenda put down the paper and stared at her husband in awkward silence as he quietly sat facing her.


His face betrayed the guilt he felt inside, the same guilt he saw reflected in his wife’s eyes.


They had ridiculed Marty that night as he attempted sharing on the importance of representing Christ and spreading the “true gospel,” as he put it.


They rationalized that he was simply naïve to think that one person could make any measurable difference in the world!


What, with all the famine and war and diseases running rampant globally it made more sense to secure your own position first, instead of running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off trying to right every wrong in the world, after all, “Charity begins at home,” Jason remembered saying to him!


“But it ends abroad,” Marty had countered. “The average Christian,” he continued, “gets all he can and ‘cans’ all he gets, it’s only about me, myself and I, his charity doesn’t end abroad it ends right where it started… At HIS home!”


“I don’t want to start preaching (“Too late,” Jason thought) but the great commission says GO into all the world and make disciples of men, if we…!”


“My point is this,” Brenda cut him short, “how can we leave our own homes undone and try to tell other people how to run theirs? What right do we have to tell other people to leave their religion and join ours when…?”


“That’s your problem right there,” Marty returned, his voice rising in pitch and volume, “you’re trying to convert people to a religion when that was NEVER God’s intention!”


Jason and Brenda stared at him quizzically.


“If the average Christian couple is in debt and their marriage is limping along how can they go tell Hakeem who owns a successful business and is happily married to stop serving Allah and come serve Jesus?”


“So he can have what THEY have?!”


“Adam never lost a religion, he lost a kingdom!” Marty asserted. “That’s why your religion doesn’t work for you! Jesus never preached a religion, He preached about A KINGDOM!”


“REPENT! FOR THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS AT HAND!” He declared evangelistically!


The conversation had started getting a little too uncomfortable for Brenda and Jason so they’d made excuses and left Marty still trying to convince them they were hearing and sharing the wrong message.


“Naïve and deluded,” Jason labeled him after departing his presence.


“Zealous and dangerous,” Brenda added.


But now he was dead.


And strangely, it seemed that in his death his message took on new life!


So, as they sat across from each other reflecting on that meeting with the Missionary, Brenda couldn’t help but wonder after his words, “Not a religion BUT a kingdom! The message of ‘The Kingdom’ is what the world needs,” He had pleaded with them!


“And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come,” He had quoted Jesus’ words from Matt. 24:14.


Now, with the darkening coffee stain as a reminder of the mess their life was in, Jason and Brenda found themselves seriously considering the Missionary’s position on the quality of the message they had been fed and why they were reluctant to share it with others.


It’s not about a religion that doesn’t work, it never was… It’s all about a kingdom lost and found!
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Who is Jesus Christ? A Business Perspective

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Is Jesus the Greatest Network Marketer who Ever Lived?


Jesus Christ is the greatest Network Marketer who ever walked the Earth!

He had an amazingly unique service that He wanted to offer to the public and He wanted the most effective way to market that service so He chose Word of Mouth Marketing, more commonly called Network Marketing.

This unique service He was offering to the world was nothing less than permanent Citizenship in The Kingdom of God and He had a limited time frame to work within – Just 3 1/2 years!

He decided to train His top 12 Distributors and make them perfectly ready to duplicate the system that He invented and perfected.

He invested 3 ½ years of His life teaching, training and mentoring these 12 Disciples through parables, preaching and prophecy.

He poured everything He had into making them ready to duplicate themselves into their own team of Distributors when the time was ripe.


Training & Mentoring System

He knew that He didn’t have much time with them so He set up a Training and Mentoring System which He left behind to continue His work after He left.

He left His personal Success Manual and Private Mentor behind to carry on the work He started with His 12 top Distributors and any other Affiliates that would consequently be recruited through their efforts.

The Success Manual called, The Bible contains the answers to all the most important questions that any Distributor will ever ask and the Personal Mentor, The Holy Spirit is so in-tuned with the intimate needs of each Distributor that He even anticipates your needs and helps you to ask the right questions to get the right answers.

Not only this but He also empowers you for success by transforming you on the inside to become more and more like the Original Network Marketer everyday you live and submit yourself to His mentoring.

Jesus’ Network Marketing System was so powerful that after training just 12 Distributors and turning them loose, 3,000 Prospects were recruited the very first time they presented their opportunity to the public.


First Opportunity Meeting

On the Day of Pentecost, Jesus’ Top Distributor, Peter stood up and made his first presentation and 3,000 people from all walks of life responded to the opportunity and became Citizens of the Kingdom of God!

Many more Opportunity Meetings were held on a daily basis all over Jerusalem and Judea and subsequently many more thousands were added to the Kingdom of God.

The message of the Kingdom grew and grew until it spread throughout the entire world and so today some 2,000 years later one billion people world-wide are affiliated with the original concept first taught and presented by Jesus.

I know for a fact that not everyone of these people are true believers, not all of them are bona fide Citizens of the Kingdom of God, even Jesus Himself said that this would happen.

He called them Goats and Sheep or Tares and Wheat and said they would grow together but they would be separated at the end of time.

The point is that Jesus’ Network Marketing System is so powerful, so effective that after training just 12 Distributors and turning them loose, today fully one sixth of the earth’s population is affiliated in some way with His original message and concept of the Kingdom of God.

Who is Jesus Christ?

Simply, the Greatest Network Marketer who ever lived!