Family Matters Radio Program

Family Matters Radio Program  

Hosted by My Friend

Pastor Paul Kendall

Video of Pastor Paul and Evie Kendall Interviewed on TBN

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FM 0001  Quality Family Time
FM 0002  Communicating
FM 0003
  Teaching Kids To Pray
FM 0004
  Two Gates
FM 0005
  A Good Work Ethic

FM 0006  Going To Church
FM 0007  Soured On Church
FM 0008
  Church Education
FM 0009
  Priest Of The Home
FM 0010
  Everyone Deserves A Sabbath

FM 0011  Credit Card From God
FM 0012  Gotta Have A Budget
FM 0013
  Economic Battle
FM 0014
  Financial Unity
FM 0015
  God’s Financial Wisdom
FM 0016  Valentines Day
FM 0017  Husbands Love Your Wives
FM 0018
  Wives Love Your Husbands
FM 0019
  Daddy’s & Daughter’s
FM 0020
  Mother’s & Son’s

FM 0021  Anger
FM 0022  Time Out
FM 0023  Focus On Feelings
FM 0024  Angry Decisions
FM 0025  A Child’s Wrath

FM 0026  When Your Son Starts To Slip
FM 0027  When Your Daughter Starts To Slip
FM 0028  Stop Generational Morality Decline
FM 0029  Monkeying Around
FM 0030  When I Grow Up

FM 0031  The Highway of Life: Daddy’s Ticket
FM 0032  The Highway of Life: Crossways In Traffic
FM 0033  The Highway of Life: Parents; The Best Driving Instructors
FM 0034  The Highway of Life: Road Rage
FM 0035  The Highway of Life: Left Lane Lesson

FM 0036  The Devil & The Dog
FM 0037  Out Of The Mouths Of Babes
FM 0038  When The Enemy Looks Like A Friend
FM 0039  Disconnected Teens
FM 0040  The Box And The Book

FM 0041  The Most Important Coach
FM 0042  Meanness For Meanness
FM 0043  The Power Of MiMi
FM 0044  Two Coaches
FM 0045  Seeing Is Believing

FM 0046  Ten People You Cannot Help (Part 1)
FM 0047  Ten People You Cannot Help (Part 2)
FM 0048  Ten People You Cannot Help (Part 3)
FM 0049  Ten People You Cannot Help (Part 4)
FM 0050  Ten People You Cannot Help (Part 5)

FM 0051  Turning Back To Church
FM 0052  Media Verses Church
FM 0053  Togetherness
FM 0054  Things Go Better With A Dad
FM 0055  Family Legacy

FM 0056  The Kids Phone
FM 0057  Recipe For Good Kids
FM 0058  My Big Brother
FM 0059  When I Was A Child
FM 0060  Brotherly Fear

FM 0061  The Wisdom of Solomon
FM 0062  A Strong-willed Child
FM 0063  A Fathers Words
FM 0064  Respect Your Children
FM 0065  Picking Your No’s

FM 0066  Make The Dog Obey!
FM 0067  The Benefits Of Obedience
FM 0068  Obedience, Better Than Sacrifice
FM 0069  Making Your Brain Obey
FM 0070  Children, Obey Your Parents

FM 0071  Purpose Driven life
FM 0072  You Can Afford A Great Family
FM 0073  Purpose #2: Faith
FM 0074  Having Good Friends
FM 0075  Building Purpose

FM 0076  Summertime Fun

FM 0077  Curfews
FM 0078  Summertime Blues 
FM 0079  Summertime Vacation
FM 0080  Summertime Family Fun

FM 0081  Credit Woes
FM 0082  Financial Insanity
FM 0083  A Father’s Responsibility
FM 0084  Father’s Familiarity Zone
FM 0085  Father’s Day

FM 0086  Life Lessons Introduction 
FM 0087  Life Lessons: Death
FM 0088  Life Lessons: Temptation
FM 0089  Life Lessons: Defeat
FM 0090  Life Lessons: Victory

FM 0091  Customer Courtesy
FM 0092  Work Excellence
FM 0093  Polite Children
FM 0094  Laziness
FM 0095  Life Calling

FM 0096  Parenting Absolutes (Intro)
FM 0097  Expressing Love
FM 0098  Building Trust
FM 0099  Proper Discipline
FM 0100  Developing Your Child’s Spiritual Life

FM 0101  Four More Doors Intro
FM 0102  The Television
FM 0103  The Internet
FM 0104  The Telephone
FM 0105  The CD Player

FM 0106  Rene’ Goes To College

FM 0107  Did This Ever Happen To You?
FM 0108  A Daughter’s Purity
FM 0109  Daddy Daughter Relationships
FM 0110  The Waiting Game

FM 0111  When Kids Leave Home: Changing Seasons
FM 0112  Cost of Education 
FM 0113  Needing To Be Needed
FM 0114  Out the Door at 18
FM 0115  The Hands of God

FM 0116  Pursuing the Dream: Mom and Dad’s Example
FM 0117  70 Years of Bondage
FM 0118  Something Left Undone
FM 0119  That One Thing
FM 0120  What’s it Gonna Take?

FM 0121  There’s No Place Like Home: Intro
FM 0122  My Toothbrush!!
FM 0123  Getting the Day Started Right
FM 0124  Spousal Anger
FM 0125  Battle of the Wills

FM 0126  Accentuate The Positive; Intro
FM 0127  Work Associates
FM 0128  Your Children
FM 0129  Your Spouse
FM 0130  Yourself

FM 0131  Setting Goals For The New Year: Introduction
FM 0132  Setting Goals For The New Year: Spirituality
FM 0133  Setting Goals For The New Year: Family
FM 0134  Setting Goals For The New Year: Finances
FM 0135  Setting Goals For The New Year: Personal Growth

FM 0136  Help! My Kids Are Driving!
FM 0137  Alex Gets His Permit
FM 0138  Who’s Teaching Who!
FM 0139  The Fender Bender
FM 0140  Rene’ Gets Lost

FM 0141  Who’s In Authority?: Introduction
FM 0142  Who’s In Authority?: Our Homes
FM 0143  Who’s In Authority?: Our Jobs
FM 0144  Who’s In Authority?: Our Society
FM 0145  Who’s In Authority?: Our Relationship With God

FM 0146  Your Job
FM 0147  Reducing Expenses
FM 0148  Budgeting
FM 0149  Cash–Yes!, Credit–No!
FM 0150  Making It Work For You

FM 0151  Learning To Say “I’m Sorry”: Introduction

FM 0152  Learning To Say “I’m Sorry”: When You’re Wrong
FM 0153  Learning To Say “I’m Sorry”: When You’re Right
FM 0154  Learning To Say “I’m Sorry”: Teaching Our Kids
FM 0155  Learning To Say “I’m Sorry”: When NOT To Say It

FM 0156  Ignorance is Bliss Introduction 
FM 0157  Ignorance: Marriage
FM 0158  Ignorance: Children
FM 0159  Ignorance: Vocation
FM 0160  Ignorance: Faith

FM 0161  Supernatural Truth Introduction 
FM 0162  Psychics on TV
FM 0163  Psychic 900 Numbers
FM 0164  Mystic Movies
FM 0165  Familiar Spirits in Church 

FM 0166  School Safety Introduction  
FM 0167  School Safety: Academics
FM 0168  School Safety: Physical
FM 0169  School Safety: Social  
FM 0170  School Safety: Spiritual 

FM 0171  What’s It Really Worth To You? Stories From A Yard Sale
FM 0172  Evie’s Purse
FM 0173  Alex’s Drums
FM 0174  Rene’s Baby Doll
FM 0175  Paul’s Beethoven Bust

FM 0176  Helicopter Parents Introduction
FM 0177  Tether Parents
FM 0178  Helicopter Parents
FM 0179  Black Hawks
FM 0180 
The Proper Balance