Christian Video

There Are Two Christianities


The lead question in my video, “How could native Americans and African Americans practice the faith of those who enslaved, tortured and murdered their ancestors,” was asked by someone on Facebook and the rest of the video is my answer to that question.

Click the Bottom Right Corner of Video to Enlarge

There are 2 Christianities:

Christianity # 1) True Bible Christianity which is the restoration of the Kingdom of God on Earth, entered into through a Blood Covenant by the miracle of Regeneration.

It permanently transforms a person from the inside out, filling them with the power and conforming them to the character of God and endues them with an innate love for all humanity.

Christianity # 2) A Worldwide Religion made popular by the Roman Catholic Organization and practiced by the average person who claims to be a Christian.

It has no power to truly transform a person’s inner nature but only modify their outward character.

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