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Who is Jesus Christ? A Business Perspective

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Is Jesus the Greatest Network Marketer who Ever Lived?


Jesus Christ is the greatest Network Marketer who ever walked the Earth!

He had an amazingly unique service that He wanted to offer to the public and He wanted the most effective way to market that service so He chose Word of Mouth Marketing, more commonly called Network Marketing.

This unique service He was offering to the world was nothing less than permanent Citizenship in The Kingdom of God and He had a limited time frame to work within – Just 3 1/2 years!

He decided to train His top 12 Distributors and make them perfectly ready to duplicate the system that He invented and perfected.

He invested 3 ½ years of His life teaching, training and mentoring these 12 Disciples through parables, preaching and prophecy.

He poured everything He had into making them ready to duplicate themselves into their own team of Distributors when the time was ripe.


Training & Mentoring System

He knew that He didn’t have much time with them so He set up a Training and Mentoring System which He left behind to continue His work after He left.

He left His personal Success Manual and Private Mentor behind to carry on the work He started with His 12 top Distributors and any other Affiliates that would consequently be recruited through their efforts.

The Success Manual called, The Bible contains the answers to all the most important questions that any Distributor will ever ask and the Personal Mentor, The Holy Spirit is so in-tuned with the intimate needs of each Distributor that He even anticipates your needs and helps you to ask the right questions to get the right answers.

Not only this but He also empowers you for success by transforming you on the inside to become more and more like the Original Network Marketer everyday you live and submit yourself to His mentoring.

Jesus’ Network Marketing System was so powerful that after training just 12 Distributors and turning them loose, 3,000 Prospects were recruited the very first time they presented their opportunity to the public.


First Opportunity Meeting

On the Day of Pentecost, Jesus’ Top Distributor, Peter stood up and made his first presentation and 3,000 people from all walks of life responded to the opportunity and became Citizens of the Kingdom of God!

Many more Opportunity Meetings were held on a daily basis all over Jerusalem and Judea and subsequently many more thousands were added to the Kingdom of God.

The message of the Kingdom grew and grew until it spread throughout the entire world and so today some 2,000 years later one billion people world-wide are affiliated with the original concept first taught and presented by Jesus.

I know for a fact that not everyone of these people are true believers, not all of them are bona fide Citizens of the Kingdom of God, even Jesus Himself said that this would happen.

He called them Goats and Sheep or Tares and Wheat and said they would grow together but they would be separated at the end of time.

The point is that Jesus’ Network Marketing System is so powerful, so effective that after training just 12 Distributors and turning them loose, today fully one sixth of the earth’s population is affiliated in some way with His original message and concept of the Kingdom of God.

Who is Jesus Christ?

Simply, the Greatest Network Marketer who ever lived!

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